just when you think you want one thing

then you realise it’s even more interesting 

to go the opposite way 

obviously the track is the centrepoint

it being a buslane not trainlines

but to have it framed by trees as a foreground 

then to the amazing sunshine as background 

there is no need for colour 


apple cross 

on a very far north car trip was through the mist a journeys end 

a million miles away from towns & cities

where a welsh lady tried to help me to find god & had prayed for me before speaking to me she knew just what i was going through even i didnt nor did the others acknowledge it

where there was so much flying insects that bit that even having a smoking fire under a gazebo next to the tents was not enough to keep them away

where the other couple showed their true colours & ended up being the worst kind: those you trust & then turn on you

where i took this photo from the beach or the shoreline of the isle of skye & sadly its the only copy but with a little help of editing for me it still lives

we simply have to record our memories better hence better camera!